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Check out this video to find out how Emailpig can supercharge your team by acting as an end-to-end solution for warm outbound!

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Emailpig consists of 3 main tools: People, Visitors and Outbox. These tools all cover a different aspect of our mission to give every company the marketing & sales power of the biggest multinational. Emailpig’s data on your website traffic and our millions of B2B profiles, combined with recent advances in artificial intelligence, have made it possible to get a total overview of everyone considering buying your product/service.

Emailpig People allows you to access millions of LinkedIn profiles & verified emails. Data is refreshed constantly to stay up-to-date. You can build lists of every Digital Marketeer in Amsterdam at companies with over 50 employees. 

Emailpig Visitors shows you the companies visiting your website. You can also see which pages they visited, and how they got there (for instance Google Ads). Transform anonymous website visitors into warm leads by finding their employees and email addresses.

Emailpig Outbox is our effort to build the first online great sales / marketing assistant. 

Outbox starts with coupling your website, and entering your customer profile / buyer persona. The AI then selects the website visitors meeting these criteria, and researches them as a salesperson would. It then generates a page in your Outbox with information on the prospect, their email & a personalized message. This message will mention something on their website or a recent LinkedIn post, showing the prospect that you understand their business. You can customize this system by creating infinite Triggers, for instance targeting companies in the Design industry that read a specific blogpost on your website, or everyone that visited your Pricing page without converting.

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