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The Caddie Hall of Fame

On May 2nd 2023, Bob McMasters received a very special honor. He was inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame. To those unfamiliar with the game of golf, this must sound odd. Why would there be a Hall of Fame for people who carry bags with pieces of metal? What kind of skill differentiation can even exist there?

The noble sport of Golf

You’d be surprised. A caddy is the person who assists a golfer on the course. Typical duties for a caddie include carrying a player's bag and clubs, performing any course maintenance that is the player's responsibility (e.g. repairing divots and raking bunkers) and offering the player advice and moral support. The best caddies are in extremely high demand, with golfers crediting them for wins, and even receiving sponsors and sharing in the prize money. As it turns out, the person enabling you to hit the perfect swing, is kind of a big deal.

This concludes one of the most subtle analogies of all time. But you see our point. If you want to be world-class at something, you need someone to take care of all distractions and obstacles. Someone to set you up for success. You would probably prefer for that person to be world-class as well. 

Labour-market dynamics of course have made it impossible to attain this level of assistance in our working-life. An old joke has a golfer say "You've got to be the worst caddie in the world" to which his caddie replies: "I don't think so sir. That would be too much of a coincidence." But what if in 2024 this all changes? The AI revolution we’re all living through will not result in millions of Tiger Woodsbots taking over our jobs, but will instead provide every last one of us with a supercaddie: someone who enables us to excel.

Many corporations anticipate that the long-term future of AI focuses on AGI and AI agents: programs that totally surpass and replace humans. This however presents a number of large technological and economical issues, and will (if possible) take some more years. In the near-term future, the focus will be on AI Workers: programs that execute pre-determined workflows to assist humans in their day-to-day work. We affectionately call them caddies.

Emailpig aims to become the Hall of Fame caddie for your sales process. We start off by linking with your website, CRM and email system. Our AI identifies high-propensity prospects based on prior interactions, website visits and over 2B other datapoints. It then selects the perfect contact at that company and does your research. Based on this research and your stated preferences, an email is written that personally engages the prospect and matches your tone.

Our roadmap includes adding: LinkedIn reach-outs, automated follow-up scheduling and Interactive Sales Playbooks. These caddies will run 24/7, constantly refreshing and filtering your data, engaging prospects and filling your funnel.


Working in sales today is a lot like golfing without a caddie: let’s say your initial discovery call with a warm lead is your first swing. That would mean most salespeople spend a large part of their day toiling away before they even strike a ball. 

You should just let your caddie take care of this. 

You should use Emailpig.


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