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Salespeople spend 39% of their time researching prospects and contacts.

High-performing salespeople increasingly utilize AI technology to automate their lead qualification and research.

Outbox is a tool that generates the perfect email to the perfect prospect – in realtime. Based on your website visitors and millions of B2B profiles, you can start every day with a filled outbox and do what you do best: selling. 

Your ICP is your Ideal Customer Profile. Enter the specifics you’re looking for in your prospects, and the Emailpig AI will generate a list of recommended companies.

Your Buyer Persona is the person within those companies you want to get in touch with. 

Note: Emailpig AI takes your website visitors into account, meaning not all prospects in your Outbox will exactly meet every requirement.

Let’s create your first template email. This template determines the structure of the message the AI will generate.

Click on ‘Variables’ to add a variable. These keys are the only part of your email the AI will change.

AI Icebreaker is our favorite variable. It generates a paragraph engaging the email’s subject based on information the AI finds online.

After you click on Save Template, you can test it out! Don’t worry about getting the words exactly right, this is just an example.

Final Step! We are gonna build your first Trigger. Your Trigger tells the AI when and how to act.


You can make it send you a message or tell it when to compose an email (and how!). 


For instance: Whenever a website visitor matches your ICP, you can make it find an employee who matches your Buyer Persona and generate an email!

The AI is trained to find companies matching your ICP, even when they have not yet visited your website. These are called Targets.

Currently, we have information on Loading prospects matching your recent ICP. The AI can find contacts there matching your Buyer Persona and add them to your Outbox.

We recommend trying out Targets, and to start off with no more than 20 per week.  The AI gets creative, so some Targets will not match your inputs 100%.

You can now start using your Outbox. You can always edit your Templates, Triggers, ICP’s and Buyer Persona’s (or even add new ones!).


You are being redirected to the Outbox page.

Happy Selling!

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Set Up

Let's get started by coupling your website! Complete the steps on the following page and refresh this window to set up your Outbox.

Trigger 1


When the company visiting my website matches my ICP, find a contact at this company using my Buyer Persona. Write an email based on my Template 1 and add it to my Outbox.

Save Trigger


I want

fresh Targets per 


Set Up


Sven Brookhuis




Try Template
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